How To Prepare Healthy Low-Cal Food

Healthy low-cal food is an excellent way to cut down on unwanted fats and is the best for natural weight loss. It not only allows you to stay in shape but also makes you active and energetic. Most people think that low cal food is not tasty and just involves boiled vegetables but this is not true at all.

Today, there are many low cal recipes that are made in such a way that the taste is not lost and the calories are also limited. Low-cal food is a blend of rich ingredients that include the required nutrients with limited carbohydrates. Just by changing the way you cook and by using low cal alternatives, you and your family can enjoy yummy and delicious meals without worrying about fat intake.

Low carbohydrate weight loss diet recipes are a perfect solution for people with busy lifestyles as they help in raising metabolism without affecting the energy level. They are a secret to good health and a fit body as they allow you to maintain desired weight without affecting the way your body functions much. You can also go for customized eating plans that are specially designed and tailored to your body type and medical history. Customized eating plans or custom weight loss programs will allow you to lose weight quickly and permanently by helping you to make the right food choices and changing your eating habits for the better. This article discusses some body sculpting diet tips that will help you prepare healthy, low-cal food for safe weight loss.

  • Using Low Fat Milk: Skim or low-fat milk contains less calories and goodness of milk like protein, calcium and vitamin B2. Therefore, it is advisable to use low fat milk instead of full fat milk for making milkshakes, desserts and other recipes that contain milk.
  • Cooking Sprays: Cooking sprays are an excellent option instead of cooking oils. They allow you to make fat-free baked dishes and dry cooked dishes.
  • Food Dressing: Low cal fat free natural yogurt is perfect low-cal replacement for mayonnaise and oil dressings. You can also try lemon juice and fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar mixed with mint for salad dressings.
  • Broil Instead of Frying:Deep frying is the unhealthiest cooking method. Broiling is always a better and healthier option over frying. Although that might affect the taste of the dish, but you can always add more spices and herbs to compensate that.
  • Calorie-Free Drinks: Calorie-free drinks are best for people on weight loss programs as they do not contain caffeine. Sugar-free lemonade, tea, and fruit-flavored drink are a brilliant choice for people who are striving for safe weight loss.
  • Low carb bread: Make use of low-carb breads for breadcrumbs while cooking dishes like chicken parmesan, stuffed pepper, etc. All you need to do is toast the low carb bread in the oven as the normal bread and crush it into powder and use it to prepare the dishes.
  • Soy flour or bake mix: Make use of soy flour or bake mix instead of ordinary flour or bake mix as it is not only protein rich but also contains less calories. So, make your cookies and muffins using soy flour and use low cal chocolate bars and chocolate chips for flavor.

Low cal and low-carb substitutes allow you to cook healthy and tasty food. The bottom line is to avoid unhealthy ingredients, such as processed foods, saturated fats, white refined flour, sugar and too much oil. So, eat healthy to stay fit and happy!