Florida Cottage Food Act of 2011

On July 1st of 2011 the Florida Cottage Food Act became effective allowing individuals to manufacture, sell and store certain “cottage food products” in an unlicensed home kitchen.

If you have ever thought of starting a home based business baking your delicious snacks, cookies, pies, cakes, breads, candy or fudge, now might be the time to do it. If you walk through the farmers market in any community you will see people selling their homemade snacks in an effort to make additional income and to show their culinary talents. Now in 2011, Florida has joined several other states in making the startup process just a little bit easier.The new Cottage Food Act outlines the major state requirements and restrictions concerning the types of cottage foods allowed and forbidden, labeling requirements, acceptable marketing methods and a maximum income that must not be exceeded if you are to operate without any state food permit or license.

Many residents hope that the cottage food laws will supply a much needed shot in the arm for local economies. There is no way to know how many small home bakers and food processors there are across the United States, however, one thing is certain, today’s consumers love their snack foods.

The ability to sell specialty foods is possible in most states through the existence of cottage food laws for home based food business. In the United States, cottage food laws are different in each state for processing foods at home to sell. You should consult your individual state agency regulators to know the specific rules for food processing and food labeling requirements. Some states may require the use of a commercial kitchen and a commercial license.

The best place to start looking into this home based food business opportunity is often at the state level. In Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture has an excellent free, full color guidance document on their website at www.freshfromflorida.com/fs/

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