Florida Cottage Food Act of 2011

On July 1st of 2011 the Florida Cottage Food Act became effective allowing individuals to manufacture, sell and store certain “cottage food products” in an unlicensed home kitchen.

If you have ever thought of starting a home based business baking your delicious snacks, cookies, pies, cakes, breads, candy or fudge, now might be the time to do it. If you walk through the farmers market in any community you will see people selling their homemade snacks in an effort to make additional income and to show their culinary talents. Now in 2011, Florida has joined several other states in making the startup process just a little bit easier.The new Cottage Food Act outlines the major state requirements and restrictions concerning the types of cottage foods allowed and forbidden, labeling requirements, acceptable marketing methods and a maximum income that must not be exceeded if you are to operate without any state food permit or license.

Many residents hope that the cottage food laws will supply a much needed shot in the arm for local economies. There is no way to know how many small home bakers and food processors there are across the United States, however, one thing is certain, today’s consumers love their snack foods.

The ability to sell specialty foods is possible in most states through the existence of cottage food laws for home based food business. In the United States, cottage food laws are different in each state for processing foods at home to sell. You should consult your individual state agency regulators to know the specific rules for food processing and food labeling requirements. Some states may require the use of a commercial kitchen and a commercial license.

The best place to start looking into this home based food business opportunity is often at the state level. In Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture has an excellent free, full color guidance document on their website at www.freshfromflorida.com/fs/

Next, I would invest a little in some education like “How To Start a Cupcake Business From Home”! and learn how to turn a hobby of cooking cupcakes into a profitable home business. Turning cupcakes into cash sounds like a fun to me!

Maybe I should learn how to decorate cakes like a pro. Those cake TV shows make baking look like too much fun.

Then maybe improve my skills with some continuing education from membership sites that offer pastry recipes and monthly content from some pastry masters.

How To Prepare Healthy Low-Cal Food

Healthy low-cal food is an excellent way to cut down on unwanted fats and is the best for natural weight loss. It not only allows you to stay in shape but also makes you active and energetic. Most people think that low cal food is not tasty and just involves boiled vegetables but this is not true at all.

Today, there are many low cal recipes that are made in such a way that the taste is not lost and the calories are also limited. Low-cal food is a blend of rich ingredients that include the required nutrients with limited carbohydrates. Just by changing the way you cook and by using low cal alternatives, you and your family can enjoy yummy and delicious meals without worrying about fat intake.

Low carbohydrate weight loss diet recipes are a perfect solution for people with busy lifestyles as they help in raising metabolism without affecting the energy level. They are a secret to good health and a fit body as they allow you to maintain desired weight without affecting the way your body functions much. You can also go for customized eating plans that are specially designed and tailored to your body type and medical history. Customized eating plans or custom weight loss programs will allow you to lose weight quickly and permanently by helping you to make the right food choices and changing your eating habits for the better. This article discusses some body sculpting diet tips that will help you prepare healthy, low-cal food for safe weight loss.

  • Using Low Fat Milk: Skim or low-fat milk contains less calories and goodness of milk like protein, calcium and vitamin B2. Therefore, it is advisable to use low fat milk instead of full fat milk for making milkshakes, desserts and other recipes that contain milk.
  • Cooking Sprays: Cooking sprays are an excellent option instead of cooking oils. They allow you to make fat-free baked dishes and dry cooked dishes.
  • Food Dressing: Low cal fat free natural yogurt is perfect low-cal replacement for mayonnaise and oil dressings. You can also try lemon juice and fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar mixed with mint for salad dressings.
  • Broil Instead of Frying:Deep frying is the unhealthiest cooking method. Broiling is always a better and healthier option over frying. Although that might affect the taste of the dish, but you can always add more spices and herbs to compensate that.
  • Calorie-Free Drinks: Calorie-free drinks are best for people on weight loss programs as they do not contain caffeine. Sugar-free lemonade, tea, and fruit-flavored drink are a brilliant choice for people who are striving for safe weight loss.
  • Low carb bread: Make use of low-carb breads for breadcrumbs while cooking dishes like chicken parmesan, stuffed pepper, etc. All you need to do is toast the low carb bread in the oven as the normal bread and crush it into powder and use it to prepare the dishes.
  • Soy flour or bake mix: Make use of soy flour or bake mix instead of ordinary flour or bake mix as it is not only protein rich but also contains less calories. So, make your cookies and muffins using soy flour and use low cal chocolate bars and chocolate chips for flavor.

Low cal and low-carb substitutes allow you to cook healthy and tasty food. The bottom line is to avoid unhealthy ingredients, such as processed foods, saturated fats, white refined flour, sugar and too much oil. So, eat healthy to stay fit and happy!

The Microwave Business – Instant Success Is Not Ready In 3 Minutes

I am very happy to say that we all made it through 2007! Happy New Years folks! After I returned from my New Year’s program I began thinking very hard about my future.

So what was I thinking? Well I was thinking about how well I do business in so many different areas which were good thoughts, but then wondered why I hadn’t begun this path earlier in the year. Many times through our business careers and our personal lives, we seem to want to wait until other people give us the recipe for our personal success. If the entire world thought like this hundreds of years ago, would we have all the advancements that we have now? Why is it that so many entrepreneurs lack the drive to find new ingredients for success? Why are so many of us “microwave-minded” and impatient with the time it takes for success?

Why are we constantly waiting on the next businessman/woman to do it for us? Have we grown in a society of non-enthusiasts? Why do we go with the cookie cut plan that everyone uses?

Why because business is very similar to cooking. There are some of us who will rather buy the microwavable dinner to short-cut our work load to enjoy instant success. As we all know good food is always well prepared in advance. The right fruits, vegetables, and meats are all carefully selected just like accountants, lawyers, products, services, equipment, intellectual properties, employees, etc.. A great cook realizes that if he or she compromises the quality of the main ingredients, this will also compromise the success of their business.

If I had to choose the kind of food that businesses reflect, I would have to say baked goods! Why? Of all things that you know that can be made in a hurry, bakes goods are the ones that can’t be rushed. If you find an “instant birthday cake in a bag” or something similar to that tune, let me know! I can almost guarantee that’ll be the most horrible cake known to man!

The point of all of the food correlations is that you can’t rush your business into success. You will continuously have to monitor it’s progress so that you know when to make your next move. Removing your business from the “oven of progress” too early may cause premature complications. Although there aren’t any guaranteed recipes for success, trying something new might give you a better chance at achieving your goals. Don’t be afraid to find ways to add more flavor to your business!

Success can’t be rushed. Even if you make an extremely fast dollar today, that doesn’t mean that it’ll last for a lifetime. Many entrepreneurs who experience overnight success wind up failing later on if they don’t know the steps needed to making a business thrive for years on. Your “cake of success” may not always be the best upon completion and that’s okay because you’re learning how to make it better every time you do it! Take initiative! Try new ingredients for success!

Practice. Complete. Experiment. Evaluate. Repeat.